Sunset with Curling Palm Trees

Wonderingly, the caption is an illusional parody. This photo, I clicked during the hostel residency in sophomore time, was the visually refined view from my window past dusk. It does look like as described in the caption though it’s just a lamp post of an abandoned gate with few leaves of some other trees looking like palm trees.

Shot.: 1/60 sec., f/5.4, 75 mm, 200 ISO.

Mistakenly Delusional

Being still very naive with optics, this picture was mistakenly clicked in this form. The focus couldn’t quite adjust in this low light which created a kind of optical illusion where the blue ring when stared at the center of the blue light, appears to get smaller continuously. And you would be bemused to know that this blue light is actually my laptop’s charger pin light (Dell XPS’s to be specific).


Shot: 1/30 sec., f/5.8, 45 mm,1000 ISO.

Evening Trails

On one of my under-construction solitude sites on the Main Road, Ranchi, typically this road curve fascinated me. There’s nothing unusual but I guess the length of time I sat here and stared at the fast moving lights tickled me its allure. One fine winter evening, I along with Sir Noir (my senior and one of the most vivid photographers), planned this click. It took several attempts for this shot because of the chaotic serpentine traffic.


Shot: 30 sec., f/22, 55 mm, 100 ISO.